Standing up to the Extreme NRA Agenda


Mark Walker will fight for commonsense gun laws, including a ban on military-style assault rifles, universal background checks, and banning devices used to make semi-automatic weapons work like automatic weapons. 



Mark Walker will stand up to Trump and demand new protections that require insurance companies to provide care for all Illinois residents - including those with pre-existing conditions  - and stop double digit premium increases. 

Women's Choice


Mark Walker knows that personal medical decisions should be made between women and their doctors, not  politicians like Donald Trump. Mark will stand with groups like Planned Parenthood to protect a woman's right to choose. 

Grow our economy


Help small companies grow, maintain Illinois' strong infrastructure, develop a well-trained workforce and build confidence in the state's financial stability. 

Reform our tax structure


A graduated income tax, limiting the use of TIFs, and increasing state support to public education will protect residents from rising property taxes.

Protect our education system


The state needs to fulfill its financial obligations to local school districts and continue to build Illinois' strong higher-education system.